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An Introduction to SGML

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XML and the Enterprise for Managers
"It is the best introduction to the technology yet"-- Bruce Peat, chair; XML/edi Group
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Printer-friendly digital title Learn the language behind the electronic publishing revolution with this award-winning report, now in its 3rd edition. The Introduction to SGML is a clear tutorial on SGML, the basis of two essential Internet standards:
  • HTML, the language of web pages;
  • XML, the language for publishing and electronic commerce.
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Praise for the Introduction to SGML

Benoît Marchal is the man behind this concise, plain-English overview of Standard Generalized Markup Language, the basis for HTML and so for all Internet communications.

If you've been putting off learning about Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), this is a good time to mend your ways. Benoît Marchal's Gentle Introduction to SGML eases readers through concepts like DTDs, elements, entities and parameters. When you finish you'll say, "hey, that wasn't so bad!"
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Reader's Comments on the Introduction to SGML

I find your [Introduction to] SGML the simplest to understand so far.
Mustafa Ibrahim

I found your "Introduction to SGML" excellent. It was an eye opener.
Selvakumar, K.S.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Executive Summary
  • Background on Generalized Markup
    • A First Look on Document Structure
    • Markup History
  • Basic SGML
    • Basic Element Tagging
    • Basic Element Declaration
    • Minimization
    • Oldest Member's Mail
    • A Word on Entities and Attributes
  • References and Acknowledgments

Available electronically, delivery by email or download. 25 pages.

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About the Author

Benoît MarchalBenoît Marchal is a consultant and writer based in Namur, Belgium. Beside the Introduction to SGML, he is the author of XML by Example, Applied XML Solutions and XML and the Enterprise. He is a columnist for developerWorks.
Details on his latest projects are at

Benoît offers also consulting services in XML, Java, multimedia and e-commerce.

Ordering the Introduction to SGML or XML and the Enterprise

Order the Introduction to SGML online using most major credit cards. For your protection, the order sites offer secure pages if your browser supports it.

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